About Us

Our Mission


The mission of Ejewelbox is to provide our customers with the highest quality of jewelry, using only the finest precious metals, natural gemstones. 

To achieve our mission, we focus on:

·         Jewelry that reflects each customer’s taste and budget

·         Quality of product

·         Knowledgeable, friendly and always available jewelry specialists


The Ejewelbox Story



Quality of Product


Ejewelbox foremost priority is to provide outstanding customer service and sell only the highest quality jewelry. Ejewelbox understands that each order represents a meaningful and memorable moment of life celebration, and is committed to providing the quality of service and product equal that it merits. 

It is this individualized focus on customer service that sets Ejewelbox apart from other companies. Each of our jewelry pieces may be customized using the latest technology




Commitment to the Environment


Ejewelbox is committed to keeping the environment clean and is proud of its innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing facility. They apply innovative ways and technology that keeps the environment safe