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We manufacture Silver, Gold and Brass Products like earrings, pendants, bracelets, zrings, studs, necklace, bangles etc. We have Different Designs with us. Which can be viewed on our website and also Jewellery can be designed according to customers.

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Sample Design development ( CAD, CAMING, DIE) Charges Will be Paid by customer

Payments conditions :- 

1. 45% or cost of pure metal whichever is greater as per Performa invoice has to be paid while placing an order.

2. Remaining actual invoice balance will be paid before the order is shipped.

3. Shipping Charges will be borne by the customer.

4. If order is changed or withdrawn by customer restock, labour and administration cost will be deducted with no excuse.

5. Cash amount will not be refunded at any circumstances.

If You Give us to order for product manufacturing then our first condition are that 45% amount of total order value will be  advance and next amount you will be pay before ready shipment. When we conform your received amount then your shipment will be dispatched same time and it will be deliver as soon as possible.

Second Condition Are If You Provide Metal then we are not charge any advance amount before Shipment Ready. But Shipment will be ready for ship then first you will pay total Order amount Then Your Shipment Will Be Ship after Payment Confirmation Same Time.  If Any Issue create by your site after advance amount like rate  comparison request, Price any issue then you will be accept your order or not this is your decision but any advance or total amount will be not refundable.